Ethcode docs



Ethcode is a development environment and execution interface for Ethereum ecosystem. It consists of different components for testing, debugging and deploying (on mainnet and test networks) your smart contracts and dApps, all of which work together to create a complete development environment.
Writing code for smart-contract deployment and interactions while testing takes much more time and effort. sometimes it takes even days to write smart-contract test scripts. Now Ethcode enables the functionality of VS Code commands in Ethcode to solve the problem of writing scripts.
Using Ethcode developer can deploy a smart-contract and can also call mutable and immutable functions without writing any scripts.

What's new in v0.4.0

  • Ethcode now works with all commonly available RPC endpoints (EVM only). Users can add RPC networks in VScode extension settings.
  • Custom transaction gas strategy from drop down menu.
  • Import & export account feature.
  • Blockscanner URL for addresses and transactions.
  • Users are able to select among different networks from a dropdown.
  • Ethcode can load Compiled JSON outputs from Hardhat and Remix.
  • Call mutable functions with required parameters.
  • Call immutable functions with or without parameters.
  • Supports local EVM nodes (Ganache & Hardhat) and EVM-based testnet