Ethcode docs



Ethcode is a development environment and execution interface for Ethereum ecosystem. It consists of different components and extensions for testing, debugging, deploying and managing (on mainnet and test networks) of your smart contracts and dApps. It has a dedicated wallet in vscode which enables its users to securely interact with all of the blockchain networks. Ethcode also provides an API for developers to interact with its wallets, contracts and compiled JSONs loaded inside its memory and access to network providers. All of which work together to create a complete development environment for developers, auditors and dApp managers of the decentralised ethereum ecosystem.
Everyday smart contract developers need some frequent tools for developement and it is easy for them to write scripts for their needs. But when other non-developer team members needs to test the fuctions of the dApps it's time for the hard work. Most of the projects ends up building their own frontend for management. Another way is to use etherscan or some other tools with limited frontend abilities to interact with the deployed and verified smart contracts. Ethcode brings a set of tools to let your developers and team access to your smart contract functions without worrying much about other tools. Using ethcode and the wide range of tools available in the ecosystem developers and any other smart contract users can easily interact with any smart contract in the configured network.