Initialize Ethcode

Now we will start the exciting journey of Ethcode where we will select the network and Ethereum account for deployment and contract method calls.

Why select network and account?

Every smart contract requires blockchain to store its data so that an end user can make a call to a smart contract in the future to perform a specific task. by selecting a network you can deploy a contract to that blockchain network to complete your task.

Every transaction on blockchain whether it be contract deployment or contract method call requires some gas fees to pay. to pay the gas fees an account where tokens that are required for paying for the transaction cost are stored is used.

To execute any Ethcode command make sure the Ethcode extension is activated otherwise it will result in an error.

To activate Ethcode press ctrl + shift + P and then select the command Ethcode: Activate Extension to activate the extension.

Select Ethereum Network

Ethcode supports all commonly available EVM-compatible blockchain networks. These networks include popular mainnets and testnets for e.g Goerli testnet, Sepolia testnet, Polygon mainnet, Polygon mumbai testnet etc.

  1. ctrl + shift + P- open VScode command palate.

  2. Ethcode: Select ethereum network- command is to show the quick pick menu of Ethereum networks.

3. Select the preferred network according to your requirement.

If the network that you want to use is not available in the quick-pick menu you can add your preferred network in the Ethcode environment follow the guide given below:

Extension Settings

Select Ethereum account

An Ethereum account is an entity with a token balance that can send transactions selected network. An account can be an Externally owned account (EOA) or deployed smart contracts.

In Ethcode we use an EOA to perform operations like contract deployment and smart contract method calls.

  1. ctrl + shift + P - open VScode command palate.

  2. Ethcode: Select ethereum account - command is to select the Ethereum account from the quick menu.

3. Select your preferred Ethereum account.

Note: The account you selected must be funded with network compatible token.

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