Extension Settings

Extension settings for Ethcode

Use extension settings to define various configurations for your ethereum environment.

Add network configurations

  1. Go to the VScode settings.

  2. On the left side select Extensions and then select


3. Find the Networks section and click on the Add Item button.

4. Enter the Name of your network as the key.

5. Paste below JSON object as a value.

Make sure to replace the values with your network configurations.

"rpc": "network_rpc_url", // e.g https://polygon-rpc.com
"blockScanner": "network_blockscanner_url", // e.g https://polygonscan.com
"chainID": "network_chainID", // e.g 137
"nativeCurrency": {
      "name": "native_currency_name", // e.g Matic
      "symbol": "network_currency_symbol" // e.g  Matic
      "decimals": "currency_decimals" // e.g 18

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